About Clematis

There is something simply majestic about a Clematis. It is not the dainty little flower, it is the show stopper of a flower. With its six pointed star appearence the Clematis can still the show easily on an early Summer evening.

If you want to create a dramatic effect on a bare wall or a bare fence, a climbing Clematis can make it for you. Its elegance is flagrantly perfect. I have been growing Clematis for almost fifteen years. During my last move a decade ago I had to leave behind my well established Burgundy Red Clematis behind with I would admit some sorrow. The Variety was called if I remember right either Red Cardinal or Rebecca, the picture is above.

In my new Home I settled to get two Clematis. One is a dark Lavender -Purple called President, the other is Lavender with slightly Burgundy tones at its centre called Dorothy Walton. The purpose of one was to cover an ugly gutter while the purpose of the other was to make a fence prettier.

Clematis Dorothy Walton in full bloom.jpg

Clematis Dorothy Walton.

The spectacular Clematis is a very dashing flower to have but I would say that my taste is to go for big bold statement colours for them. For a Clematis can carry it perfectly. Flowering either late Spring or early in the Autumn the Clematis kind of mark the start and the end of the Summer.

Dorothy Walton Clematis Flower.jpg

Another Dorothy Walton Clematis.

The star shape flowers of a Clematis are always a good talking point as much as its colour. Maybe it is a brash flower to have in a Garden. A Clematis is not subtle, it is vibrant for as long as it is in full bloom.

Clematis President flower.jpg

Clematis President.