About Begonias

It goes without saying that Begonias fell upon me rather than I fell upon them. They were well established plants within the Garden of the House I arrived in, more than a decade ago. The fact is this subtropical plant/flower was side lined in my mind with lots of presumptions and assumptions that it was a plant for Mother in Laws...

The Begonia.jpg

One of our Begonias.

Begonias are just burst of colours, like a firework a big Splash in the midst of the green of your Garden. First the Flowers can be massive with multiple sepals and again colourful that is without mentionning their shapes which are unusually attractive. This is not even speaking about their variagated and beautiful leaves.

Begonia_AmeriHybrid_Picotee_White_Red_Bloom_24032 Optimized.jpg

My Begonia called Picotee: What is not to like...? They are so lavish. It makes me think of my Father who loved his Dahlias and Roses. It was the more colourful and bigger the better...

The fact is that Begonias come in multiple shapes, colours and leaves. There is always one Begonia for you I will advance to say. I don't know the names of all our Begonias to be honest but I can also confess that I do like them.

Flashy Begonia.jpg

Begonia called Fireworks.

From a bright and rather brash pink coloured flower, you can also get subtle and gentle apricot coloured ones in pastel tones which are rather fetching just as well and the flowers shape are still very attractive and a joy to watch when they do blossom.

One more Begonia flower.jpg

Subtle coloured Begonia in our Garden.

But I will still maintain that there is a Begonia to fit eveyone's taste. May it be a very fancy bright one for a bright or lively personality...

Another of our Begonia.jpg

Big bright and yellow Begonia.