About Agapanthus

Agapanthus are multiple headed flowers upon a long stem of about 30 to 40 centimetres high and at the base you have like a parasol of green  thin narrow leaves. The one I planted was of a purple blue colour and was very pretty, however it did blossomed only once and for all.

It is not a plant from the Bitish Isles but from Sout Africa originally hence their are also named African Lily. However because of their beautiful flowers which come in shade, of white, lilac, purple and blue they are widely love and sought after.

The problem I had with my Agapanthus is that I did my choice in the Garden Centre base solely on what the plant looked like 'le coup de coeur' like the French say or 'Love at first sight'. I didn't know anything about the that flower for exemple that it came in two types the decideous one and the evergreen one. Little did I know that the decideous was the one more tolerant to our climate. Of course my agapanthus was the evergreen type hence it would have difficulty to survive the British winter.

The second mistake I made in retrospective was that because it was evergreen and in consequence more fragile I should have sheltered it somewhat. However loving its beauty I did put my agapanthus slap bang on in the middle of the Garden. The winter came and it was not a nice one, it had lots of frost, minuses temperature but also snow. So of course the inevitable happened: my Agapanthus didn't survive that winter which was a crying shame.

Will I get more agapanthus in the future? The answer is simple, it is a definite yes. I find them beautiful however this time around I am armed with the knowledge of what went wrong and why. So in effect I am better equiped to look after agapanthus properly this time around.